About Saigon Restaurent

Saigon RestaurentSaigon Restaurant is a family-run business, nestled in the heart of downtown Kelowna. Since 1994,owners Ching and Bing have thrived on providing fast and affordable lunches, and full and delicious dinners. Known for our mouth-watering soups, bountiful combos, and succulent sizzlers, it's easy to understand why most of our clientelle are regular customers. Once named, "Restaurant of the Year", Saigon takes great pride in the flavour of our food. All sauces are home-made and each menu item is cooked fresh to order. From meat-lovers to vegetarians, we offer a wide range of dishes aimed to accommodate every individual, offering specialties on both Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. Our notorious Lunch Special is a steal, served every Monday to Friday from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm. For only $7.50 you recieve a large cup of our Wonton soup, followed by a 3-item combo.




Dinning AreaThe casual atmosphere is always welcoming and the service is friendly and genuine. When requested, a little guidance is given to aid in the satisfaction of your meal. Due to the high-volume of take-out orders we are unable to provide a delivery service, therefore a 10% discount is given on all take-out orders. Once again, we stand by the deliciousness of our food and encourage you to come down and discover your favorite.